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What are our services?
Professional solutions
Nanquan Medical Service is an enterprise with many years of international marketing services. We obtain market dynamics through large data. We know the cutting-edge knowledge and technology of the medical industry and provide you with professional services.
third party inspection
In case you have any doubts or questions about other products quality and performance you received, you can apply our third-party inspection and we will accept it in the first time and provide you the inspection report.
fast response
Wherever you are, 24*7 consulting service will make sure your questions and suggestions will arrive us and our professional team will accept and record them to provide you better services in the future.
Q:Can we get free sample from your company?
A:Yes. In order to start a good cooperation with you, we could provide different quantity samples based on different products cost on you.
Q:Is the product certified internationally?
A:The company's products have received certification from the US and European CE certification.
Q:Can your company do the OEM?
A:Yes. We have a long history to do OEM for the famous company in the world. Our technical team can design and product many syringe according your special
Q:Can we be the agent of your company?
A:Yes. We are glad to cooperate with the local distributers all over the world and we would like to share the benefits with you in the future.
You can call or email us, and our sales team will reply to you as soon as possible!
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